Data management 14 Feb 2023

StarRocks analytical DB heads to Linux Foundation

The StarRocks online analytical processing (OLAP) database is getting a new home today, at the Linux Foundation.StarRocks was created and developed by a commercial entity also known as StarRocks, until it changed its name to CelerData in August 2022. The project got its start in 2020, originally as a fork of the open-source Apache Doris analytics database.Over the last two years, StarRocks has diverged significantly from Doris and taken a different path, with 80% of the code being entirely new. In particular, StarRocks has developed to become an MPP (massive parallel processing) OLAP database enabling rapid real-time query support for analytics workloads. The company and the technology have also increasingly focused on supporting data analytics for data lakes.To date, the StarRocks database has been managed as an open-source project, governed and maintained by StarRocks Inc. (now CelerData), which has also built a commercial cloud service announced in July 2022.  A challenge that faces any open-source project is the issue of contribution and helping to ensure that organizations and developers are able to contribute code. That’s why CelerData has decided it’s time for a new home at the Linux Foundation.

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