AI 15 Feb 2023

The language revolution: How LLMs could transform the world

We are living at a historic moment. A new revolution, comparable to the Industrial Revolution, is underway. Entire industries are going to be disrupted. The nature of creativity and knowledge work is going to change. Language is going to become the most important sense for humans. Language — specifically in the form of large language models (LLMs) — is going to reshape how we think about the world around us.Every once in a while, technology reaches an inflection point that leads to a paradigm shift. That’s what’s happening now, and we’re just at the beginning. LLMs like GPT-3, are getting really good at generating text, summarizing text, reasoning, understanding, writing poetry and more. They are the world’s best autocomplete. They are changing how people write code, poems, marketing copies, essays, research papers, and more. They are not replacing jobs, but augmenting them, making us more productive.

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