Data Science 14 Feb 2023

This week in data: How you can build an exceptional data team

How do you build an exceptional data team? What’s the right ratio of product managers to data engineers? How can you figure out who your customer really is? These are some of the topics we’ll cover this week on the CarCast. Watch the video below to learn more:There are certainly a lot of people who get involved in the success of a data team, but there are five who are critical to your success: The data product manager, the program manager, the UX leader, the data engineer….and of course the chief data officer.In my experience, the best product managers act as the CEO of their product. They’re accountable for the execution of their product and the results. The chief data officer’s job is to chart the vision and create a clear strategy that drives a high level of focus and accountability for the team.  The job of the CDO is also particularly important in protecting the team from randomization – either inflicted on them from an external source or self-inflicted. The team also needs to maintain the right ratios between product managers and their engineers, as it will affect their ability to execute against the commitment they made in their Product Requirement Documents (PRD).

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